Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 32: A Code Explorer

The build released on January 1, 2017, introduces another very requested feature: a Code Explorer. This feature provides you a list with all the code elements of the active code window:

The Code Explorer shows the code elements of the following kinds:

  • Constants
  • Fields
  • Enums
  • Events
  • User-Defined Types
  • Properties
  • Methods

On the toolbar there are seven toggle buttons to show/hide the code elements of a particular kind. Here you can see the Code Explorer showing only fields:

Furthermore, to the right of the toolbar you have a textbox to enter any text, so that only the code elements containing that text are shown:

And selecting any code element in the list shows it in the code window. I hope that you find this tool productive to locate your code faster!

2 thoughts on “Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 32: A Code Explorer

  1. Finally!!! Mazeltov!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Question, is there any way to setup the code explorer to refresh automatically when I move from module to module? (so I don’t need to close and re-open Code Explorer each time)

    This really made my day…no made my year!!!

  2. Hi,
    The refresh is automatic for VB6 but not for VBA due to the lack of the required events in the VBA API. Nonetheless I will try to find a workaround in the next weeks.

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