Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 24: The enhanced New Method / Property Assistant

A popular feature of MZ-Tools 3.0 was the Add Procedure assistant, especially to generate properties. MZ-Tools 8.0 renames the feature to New Method / Property Assistant and provides quite a few enhancements.

To customize how a method is generated, use the Options window, Team Options tab, New Method / Property Assistant section, New Method tab, where you can define how you want to name the result variable for functions. The nomenclature can be a fixed value (such as “result”) or use type tags (such as “iResult” for integers, etc.). An example is shown in the preview zone:

NewMethodOptionsFor properties you use the New Property tab, where you can define the nomenclature for the field of the property and for the value parameter. Again, you can use predefined variables for type tags and for the name of the property, and an example is shown in the preview zone:

NewPropertyOptionsOnce configured, you can use the New Method / Property Assistant, which provides more options to customize the generated method and a live preview of the code:

NewMethodAnd for properties, you can specify the style (Standard vs Compact), whether to limit the access of the Let/Set member of the property, etc.:


With these enhancements, MZ-Tools 8.0 can accommodate better your coding style and nomenclature, and can make you more productive, showing a syntax-colored live preview of the resulting code to ensure that it meets your needs.