Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 21: Checking for updates

MZ-Tools 3.0 didn’t offer an easy way to check for updates, which was a pity because for many years there was a monthly new build until all reported bugs were fixed and a rock-solid quality was achieved. The only way was to subscribe to the RSS feed to get notifications for new versions.

MZ-Tools 8.0 provides multiple ways to know which version you are using, which version you are downloading and installing, and to be notified when a new build is available.

To know which version you are using you can use the MZ-Tools > About window:


Or, if you know the location of the .dll file, you can check its Properties window, Details tab:


The downloads page contains the build number for each setup:


And when you are installing MZ-Tools, the setup indicates the build number:


Now, to get notified about news related to MZ-Tools, including new builds, you can use this blog, or the social channels: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are interested only in notifications about new builds, you can use the RSS feed of the changelog:


Or you can use the new Check for Updates feature, either manually or automatically (on startup), as configured in the Options window, Personal Options tab, Check for Updates section:


If you want to execute it manually you can use either the “Check now” button on that window, or the MZ-Tools > Check for Updates menu entry:


In both cases, if a new build is available you get a dialog with the change log and a button to download the new version:


So, now you have multiple choices to stay current with your installed MZ-Tools 8.0 version.