Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 19: Closing all windows, or some of them

The VB / VBA IDEs lack a menu entry or button to close all windows, so MZ-Tools 3.0 provided the Close All Windows as button on its toolbar and as menu entry on the Window menu.

MZ-Tools 8.0 enhances this feature providing four possibilities, that are self-explanatory:

  • Close All Windows (same as before)
  • Close All Windows but the Active One
  • Close All Designer Windows
  • Close All Code Windows

In early versions of MZ-Tools 8.0 you had a dropdown on the Main toolbar to select the desired option, but since that approach required two clicks to close the windows, recent builds provide dedicate buttons on the toolbar:


You can also define a keyboard shortcut for each one of those buttons. And of course, you have also the corresponding menu entries on the Window menu:


Since that Window menu contains also a menu entry for each open window, if there are many of them the menu can be very populated, so you can remove the “Close All …” menu entries that you don’t want to appear using the “Options” window, “Personal Options” tab, “Toolbars and Menus” section, “Menu: Window” node:


As you can see, this is another feature where MZ-Tools 8.0 provides more flexibility to increase your productivity.