Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 18: Prefixes, suffixes and tags for controls and types

In MZ-Tools 3.0 the customization options for prefixes and suffixes were quite limited. You could define prefixes only for the intrinsic types (String, Integer, etc.) and for some generic types such as Collection, Control, Object and Enum:


In MZ-Tools 8.0 the “tag” term is introduced, which can be used as prefix or as suffix, and there are tags both for types and for controls. In both cases, they are defined in the Options window, Team Options tab.

In the Type Tags section you can define some tags for general types (Class, User-Defined Type, Enum and Interface) and tags for any specific type:

The specific types can be intrinsic types such as Boolean, String, Integer, etc.:


Or types inside any type library:


In the Control Tags section you can define tags for controls:

The Control Tag editor allows you to select any control library and control type:


Once control tags and type tags are defined, you can use them in several features, through predefined variables. For example, when creating a nomenclature rule, you can use tags in the fields Prefix 1, Prefix 2, Suffix 1 or Suffix 2:


Another example is the New Method Assistant, that allows you to customize the nomenclature of the field and value parameter for properties using type tags:

To summarize, MZ-Tools 8.0 provides you the greatest flexibility to define prefixes or suffixes for types and controls, that can be used in several of its features.