Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 16: The new Database Connection String Assistant

A handy feature of MZ-Tools 3.0 was the ADO Connection String Assistant, which allowed you to select an OLEDB Provider and to create a connection string for a database, that was copied to the clipboard:


In MZ-Tools 8.0, the feature has been renamed to Database Connection String Assistant and it allows you to use either OLEDB providers or ODBC drivers, which are selected in comboboxes:


If you select the OLEDB Provider option, you get a dialog similar to the one of MZ-Tools 3.0, but without the OLEDB Provider tab:


And if you select the ODBC Driver option, you get a dialog to build the ODBC connection string:


Once the connection string is created, it is shown in a textbox and you can either copy it to the clipboard, or insert it directly in the active code document:


As it happens with many other features of MZ-Tools 8.0, this is another case where a feature is enhanced to provide more options and flexibility, to increase your productivity.