Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 15: The Control Explorer and Most Used Properties

Another assistant in MZ-Tools 8.0 that is new for MZ-Tools 3.0 users is the Control Explorer, which shows a tree of controls for the active form or user control, along with a handy toolbar at the top with common actions (view code, bring to front, send to back, copy, paste, delete, apply default properties, etc.) and a grid at the bottom with the (customizable) most used properties for the selected control:

ControlExplorerYou can adjust the height of each zone to occupy the entire assistant with the treeview:

ControlExplorerTreeViewOnlyOr with the grid of properties:

ControlExplorerMostUsedPropertiesOnlyThe Most Used Properties grid only shows the Name property for VBA (due to limitations of its automation model), but for VB6/VB5 is fully customizable: you can click the “Customize…” button to go to the “Options” window, “Personal Options” tab, “Control Explorer” section, where you can select which properties you want to show in the grid for each control. Some properties that are common to all controls (such as Enabled, Left, Top, etc.) can be selected only once using the “VB.VBControlExtender” control, while others that are specific to some controls but not to all (such as Caption, etc.) must be selected individually for each control:

MostUsedPropertiesSo, the Control Explorer is another very customizable feature that will help you to be more productive while designing forms or usercontrols.