Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 11: Unlimited error handlers

MZ-Tools 3.0 only allowed a single error handler, which was very limited in many scenarios. For example, you may want to use different error handlers for methods in a business layer ActiveX dll and for methods in a user interface executable. Or you may be a consultant for different clients that use different error handlers. In those cases, you needed to change the only error handler provided each time, or use code templates instead.

MZ-Tools 8.0 removes this limitation and provides unlimited error handlers, in the “Options” window, “Team Options” tab, “Error Handlers” section. Furthermore, each error handler can be active or inactive:

The error handler editor is very similar to the code template editor, offering colorized syntax and fields to enter the author, expansion keyword and keyboard shortcut. You can use also predefined and user-defined variables with the “Insert >” button:

ErrorHandlerEditorWhen you invoke the Insert Error Handler feature, if there is only one active error handler, it is inserted immediately. However, if there is more than one active error handler, you get a prompt dialog to select the desired one, which you can preview below the list:

ErrorHandlerSelectionTo summarize, as it happens in many other areas, MZ-Tools 8.0 removes the limitations of the previous version 3.0, allowing you more flexibility and providing better productivity in your daily coding.